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Why Ijarah

About Ijarah

Ijarah is a Saudi company launched in 2012 with the aim of offering its customers Sharia-compliant integrated financial leasing services.

Our Vision

At Ijarah our vision is to provide our clients “status-considered” and “convenient” financial solutions to the KSA society.

Our Mission

At Ijarah our mission is to be your preferred choice when it comes to financial solutions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by providing honest advice and using only the latest and most innovative systems in order to allow our team to provide convenient and promising solutions for our clients.

Our Philosophy

In the work environment of Ijarah, commitment is not the only value. In fact, we strive to be leaders in the field of financial leasing services that are Sharia-compliant, to develop leasing products and services that are likely to achieve leadership on the market and to help our customers meet their needs and achieve their goals. We do not refrain from going the extra mile to offer top notch services to customers, while focusing on providing an added-value through giving them the utmost priority in the context of our permanent strive to meet their needs and be up to their expectations. At Ijarah, we are always keen on keeping the highest standards of professional treatment that reflect the spirit of commitment to presenting the best and most convenient services.

When it comes to car rental leading to ownership, Ijarah is the best solution as it fulfills the needs and aspirations of all clients, perfectly deserving their trust for many reasons namely:

  • Ijarah is the fastest way of owning your car without the need to time-consuming formalities and procedures
  • Ijarah allows you to keep your capital to be able to use it for other productive commercial purposes
  • Ijarah offers you the program of financial leasing with a wide array of options, thus giving you flexibility and accessibility

Ijarah offers you financial solutions in the context of a flexible timeframe that perfectly fits your needs.

Why Ijarah